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Under our COVID Recovery Plan:

"Giving Back to the Community" Project!

We are offering a huge discount to:

Cities, Counties, States, National Governments and [EDD] Unemployment departments nationwide......

We have hugely discounted, special Franchise pricing for Government entities!

This way, you can offer this Franchise to your residents. So they can start making income right away.

Plus, on top of that your City/County Treasury will make 50% income on what each resident makes.

This is a win-win situation for both the residents and the City/County Treasury. The city recovers their minimal investment fast.

After that, this is a constant income source to the City/County's Treasury from all the participating residents in this program.

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Counties, Cities, States, Veterans even in US, Canada and other countries can participate too in our global:


'Giving Back To The Community Program' with

"HVCA Franchise Ownership" project for their residents.

This is our humble 'Giving Back To The Community' and the Country Project, after the COVID-19 shutdown.

We realize lot of good, hardworking, honest citizens lost everything including their businesses, due to no fault of their own, because of COVID-19 shutdown. 

Our cutting edge HVCA Videos Agency Technology is the future of Social Media, Digital Marketing and Advertising for all business [big or small].

Our videos with “Subliminal Psychological Programming™” and Call-to-Action (CTA) Motivating,  along with our exclusive 'ALPHA Layering' Technology, is the future of anything Digital and Internet related.

We are the pioneers of this fast emerging revolutionary, ROI producing Technology.

Now, we have it as a Franchise that you can offer to your residents (at a huge discount)
AND make 50% 'Affiliate Income' and additional TAX Revenue on top of that as a constant source of Income to your City, County, State, EDD. 

This is a huge source of additional:
A: Income and 
B: Tax Revenue, which you currently DO NOT have. 

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How This Program Works!

    The city, county, state, national government and/or EDD get highly discounted ( penny's on the dollar )* 'HVCA Agency' Franchises and offer it to their citizens.

    So, they start selling these (highly in-demand) videos (A-Z training is included), and start making money right away WITHOUT any investment.

    Government can give them 'Agency Franchise' (suggestion): FREE for 6 months or a year - you decide.

    By that time the resident would have made enough money not only to get back on their feet and then some.

    After that period, City/ State/ EDD can rotate and give the 'Agency Franchise' to the NEXT citizen.

    This is a Win-Win situation for everyone.*

    Plus, The City/County recovers their Investment Fast and start adding consistent income to their Treasury.*

    BONUS:  By now, the original citizen would have made enough money ( because this is a huge opportunity with unlimited income potential ).

    And, since they already know the business, its potential, and they are trained in it too.

    So, If
    they want they can purchase 'Agency Franchise' at = 50% OFF.

    This way they can carry-on their already established business, without any interruption. 

    City, County, State continue receiving TAX revenues,  from otherwise unemployment dependent residents.

A HUGE WIN for the CityCountyStateEDD too: *

On top of helping your citizens, YOU the city, state, EDD etc.

will get 50% overwrity, from the Income EACH citizen makes.


Your citizen will makes 40% on each sale! *

City, County, State, EDD will get 20% on every sale, they make! *

That is 50% of what each citizen will make.
This, can be a huge consistent additional income source for Govt.


EDD will save huge, in payment of "Unemployment Benefits".

Plus, make those citizens, productive business owners who will be contributing Tax Revenue to the City, County, State etc.

Plus, Govt. makes 50% INCOME on every citizen they help!

So, Instead of Paying OUT Benefits from the Treasury!

YOU are making money for the Treasury - while helping unemployed become productive Tax-paying citizens.

This is a Huge WIN-WIN situation for everyone. 

* City, State etc. make 50% or half of what every citizen makes. 

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