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Pricing & Discount Packages!

Each video is custom made to order for YOU!

You provide us the content based on the sample and our team makes it for YOU! Every custom video (up to 17 seconds) is price at $500 USD each.

Regularly, each video cost is from $5,000 - $15,000 each. However, because of our Revolutionary Exclusive ALPHA Layering technology, we have drastically brought our prices down.

  • What we offer

  • We can make videos of ANY length including your Promo Reels (samples here), plus.

  • High quality and Exclusivity

  • Every video is of our highest Hollywood Videos quality and individually made for YOU.

    (for Social Media activists with volume daily postings - email us).

  • Discounts and more!

  • Joining our monthly video production (MVP) club membership gives you huge discounts!

    Hollywood Videos


    Each video is custom made to order with:

  • Subliminal Psychological Programming™” (SPP) and

  • Call-To-Action (CTA)


  • Price = $500 each

    (Discount packages below)

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